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How to keep fit for MotoGP riding

How to keep fit for MotoGP riding

Video footage looking at how some riders stay in shape for competition at the highest level.

MotoGP riding is demanding work, with the 800cc machines requiring those onboard to be in peak condition. That means plenty of dedicated training time away from the track, both anaerobic and aerobic, in order to muscle the bikes around the World Championship tracks during a race weekend.

Although he slimmed down for the move to MotoGP, James Toseland is still a keen advocate of strength training for premier class racing. The Briton can also be frequently found running the track before the opening practice session of a Grand Prix event, putting the finishing touches to his cardiovascular preparations.

`Cycling, running, rowing, any cardiovascular work is really important, because when you´re riding with your leathers and helmet on in over 35 degrees it gets a bit warm and you do need to be generally fit,´ says the Tech 3 Yamaha man, fully aware that in order to give it `full gas´ one needs to have plenty in the tank.

`Strength wise it is just a personal preference really; if you personally don´t feel that you´re strong enough to get the bike round like you want to then you´ve got to work on your strength a bit.´

When away from the circuit, whether it be between races or during the winter break, training takes on a new importance for the riders, as Toseland explains.

`When not racing it gets your gym fitness levels back up to where you want them to be, but because there is so much riding in MotoGP you get bike fit and riding fit so that is the main thing that you do.´

`You´ve got to keep the training up in the gym but while you´re riding it doesn´t matter because you keep fit with the bike.´

Follow Toseland and former MotoGP riders Sylvain Guintoli & Shinya Nakano in the accompanying video of their preparations.

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