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Schwantz on time to talk about wristwatch collection

Schwantz on time to talk about wristwatch collection

Former MotoGP World Champion Kevin Schwantz featured in WatchTime Magazine.

In a sport in which time is of the essence, right down to thousandths of a second, it is no surprise that there are some avid watch collectors in the MotoGP paddock. MotoGP Legend Kevin Schwantz is one of the aficionados with an expanding array of timepieces, a subject highlighted in a recent interview conducted with Matthew Miles of Cycle World magazine.

The feature reveals that the former World Champion is also highly generous with his hobby, giving the ten instructors at his Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School top-of-the-range Anonimo Cronoscopio watches. Former MotoGP wildcard Ben Spies also received a gift from his mentor after winning the 2006 AMA Superbike title.

On his collection, Schwantz comments that`If you're going to have a collection of wristwatches that really means anything or has any substance to it, you´ve got to have a minute repeater, a tourbillon—all that stuff. A minute repeater (a watch with distinctive beeps to signal the hour, quarter-hour and minute) is on my list.´

The six-page feature takes pride of place in the December issue of WatchTime Magazine

Photo by Lars Frazer

MotoGP, 2008

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