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Bautista enjoys skydive challenge

Bautista enjoys skydive challenge

Mapfre Aspar´s Alvaro Bautista undertook a parachute jump recently as part of a show on the Discovery Channel.

No stranger to high speed thrills and spills Alvaro Bautista showed his adventurous side recently with a skydive from a 4km height for a Discovery Channel television show called Discovery Challenge.

The 250cc star undertook the jump at the International Skydiving School near Girona in Catalunya and his high altitude adventure will be screened in Spain and Portugal on 19th January.

`When the doors opened I thought, `my goodness what am I doing´, but I had to get on with it,´ said Bautista. `I think the hardest part was jumping out. After that the adrenaline takes over as you are falling at 250 km/h. The feeling of the air hitting you almost makes you forget that you are freefalling. Then when the parachute opens you feel like you are floating, it is such a big contrast.´

He continued, `If I had to choose between horizontal or vertical speed I would prefer horizontal as you have the control. Dropping vertically like that is really strange and doesn´t compare to any other experience. Having said that it was an amazing experience.´

Bautista will be back on track on his Aprilia 250cc at the end of the month in Jerez, testing with his team before a title assault this season.

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