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Subtle changes for Yamaha’s 2009 activity

Subtle changes for Yamaha’s 2009 activity

Promotions and changes in premises provide small modifications in Yamaha Motor Racing.

Whilst the riders and crews stay the same in the Yamaha MotoGP garages, several changes have been taking place behind the scenes. Yamaha Motor Racing has seen the introduction of a new President and new premises for 2009, with the intention remaining as finishing the season at the top of the standings across the board.

The success of the 2008 project has led to a promotion in Japan, as Masao Furusawa takes on more responsibility in YMR. In turn, former Technology Department Manager Shigeto Kitagawa has replaced Furusawa as President. Yoshiaki Hayasaki will occupy the managerial role in the Japanese company.

The racing department have also switched location to a new office in Gerno di Lesmo, Italy, one that has received a rave review from Managing Director Lin Jarvis.

“The new headquarters…firstly they are very nice, we’re very happy, we moved in here in December, and frankly from what we had before it’s a big step up, and we really enjoy to be in these fully renovated facilities. The base is the same as it was before, but we really have renovated from ground up,´ says the Briton on the Italian HQ.

”We are all happy to be here, we have great facilities to work in, and the most important thing is that where before we had our staff split in three different locations, and now we’re all together, under one roof. So it’s much better for working, much better for communication. If it will really change anything in our way of working, I would say it will make us more together, more of a team, more efficient, and hopefully that will benefit all of our activities.”

Speaking as part of Fiat Yamaha’s online presentation this week, Jarvis explained that there is a definite constant in terms of sponsorship for the project: Fiat will remain as factory team title sponsor for the next two seasons.

”We’re very happy that Fiat stayed with us. We’ve signed a new two-year agreement and this is great news, because when we started two years ago it was quite radical to have a car manufacturer, especially an Italian car manufacturer, supporting a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. I think we delivered great results for Fiat,” he comments.

”I think it’s been very good for the championship and we’re really happy, especially in these difficult times of crisis around the world and especially in the car industry; it’s a sign of confidence in our team and also in MotoGP, that Fiat stayed. To be honest, Fiat was always our number one choice. Of course if you have a good relationship with the partner, you want to continue that in the future, so we are very happy.”

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