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Electronics adaptation delights Gibernau

Electronics adaptation delights Gibernau

Returning veteran happy with Friday findings.

Sete Gibernau has been riding in Sepang this week for the first time since 2006, and focused his work on getting familiar with the electronic system of the Ducati Desmosedici GP9 Sat. The Spaniard was glowing in his review of the Friday runs, in which he recorded a fastest time of 2’03.308.

Sete Gibernau – 2’03.308

“We’ve done a great job today. We tried to work on both the chassis and the electronics because they are both very important areas with this bike. The programme was pretty clear although on a couple of occasions we lost our way a little – especially with the electronics. Now it’s a case of sitting down and working out why that happened, where we went wrong, and this is the ideal time for that kind of thing. I feel good - it was a positive day’s work because we’ve been able to try a few things for the first time. Like everybody we’re trying to work out how to get as much life as we can out of the tyres but like I said the most important thing today was figuring out the electronics.”

MotoGP Sepang Test Results

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