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Edwards revels in testing superiority over Toseland

Edwards revels in testing superiority over Toseland

‘Texas Tornado’ reveals Sepang delight in Indianapolis event blog.

“It’s so funny how we don’t talk anymore”

Not a reference to a late 1970’s break-up song, but an admission from Tech 3 Yamaha’s Colin Edwards that relations have somewhat soured between himself and teammate James Toseland. The statement was made in the Texan’s new ‘Tornado Warning’ blog on the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix website. A switch of Crew Chiefs has driven a wedge between the two riders but, as in the song, Edwards isn’t losing any sleep over the matter.

“He’s not on the Christmas card list whatsoever. It's funny. We don't talk anymore after this little incident,” revealed Edwards on the rift between himself and his Yamaha satellite colleague. Both riders’ opinions on the changes in the garage have been well documented, but the recent Sepang test has left Edwards even more outspoken and with more than a touch of schadenfreude.

“We looked good in front of him, (Toseland) being 2 ½ seconds off the pace. That was good times. You should hear some of the comments being made. He got the Crew Chief he wanted. That was going to make all the difference in the world, and we just sit and laugh. We have a good time,” writes the 34 year-old, who was altogether more positive about his partnership with new Crew Chief Guy Coulon.

“He's got so much experience. I think he's been doing it since early 70s. I'm really happy. I don't have to stroke ego like I did last year. Everybody's just so relaxed, just happy to be riding motorcycles.”

Edwards has always been a strong tester, and the American is excited about the package used thus far in preseason. Having admitted to losing his way with excessive tinkering in 2008, ‘back to basics’ will be the key philosophy for the veteran this year.

“We changed a couple of things (at Sepang), but you could jump back on the first bike I started with, and you could hardly be able to tell the difference. 2002, my last year in World Superbike, we had a bike like this. We pulled it out, and we went through a whole bunch of stuff the first test. But then we pretty much kept it the whole year. I don't think we really changed much. A click here, a click there… and I won the title.”

Edwards’ blog can be read in full at

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