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Bridgestone’s intermediate elimination no big problem for 2009

Bridgestone’s intermediate elimination no big problem for 2009

Chief Coordinator Thomas Scholz happy with choice to run only dry or wet options as single tyre supplier.

Single tyre supplier Bridgestone have narrowed down their tyre selection for the 2009 season, streamlining their rubber and focusing their developmental projects. Qualifying tyres have already fallen by the wayside, and an end has also come to intermediate tyres as the limited amount of rubber falls into two different ends of the spectrum.

As of the beginning of preseason, only dry and wet specification tyres are provided to the riders by the Japanese fabricant. Intermediate specification material had previously been a niche product, but in an ironic twist could have proved useful under the unique conditions experienced on Sunday night in Qatar. Bridgestone’s Thomas Scholz emphasised at the Losail International Circuit that the decision to do away with intermediates remained justified.

“Due to the new regulations that we have this season we stopped making intermediate tyres. From the past we could really see that we don’t use it too much; maybe in some practice but never used them during the race,” said the factory’s Chief Coordinator.

“So it was a lot of involvement, money and research to produce intermediate tyres. But the effect is so low that I think that everybody agrees why at the moment we stopped with this kind of tyre.”

Work in Qatar under drier conditions will focus on researching which compounds to run over the course of the season. Scholz also explained that these would be a progression of the tyres used in 2008, a season in which they won their second World Championship with a host of dry and wet weather victories.

“We hope that we can use the same tyres that we are trying now for the test at the races. We have brought compounds a little bit more developed compared to last year, but last year was also the beginning of 2008 and obviously during the year we continued developing compounds.

“This means that we bring compounds still on the same softer side, but it’s a new compound family that we developed during last year. We hope to have a little bit better basic grip level from the beginning of the race. Obviously we need to wait and see during this test if the durability of the tyres is sufficient for the race as well, but at the moment our plans are to bring the same spec and compounds for the race as well.”

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