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Mamola delighted by students’ progress

Mamola delighted by students’ progress

Former World Championship star Randy Mamola is pleased with the progress being made by 125cc starlet Bradley Smith and his own son Dakota Mamola in their fledgling careers.

American former Grand Prix rider and popular paddock figure Randy Mamola has given the inside track on the preseason preparations of youngster Bradley Smith.

Assessing Smith’s qualities as an undoubted title candidate in 2009 having joined the competitive Bancaja Aspar 125cc team, Mamola said of the teenage Englishman, “What he has gained from last year to this year is knowing the level of competition. Before last year Bradley was always running ‘mid-pack’, occasionally popping up towards the front and getting a podium. Last year was the first time that he started to get pole positions and that environment is different. Up the front you are racing with different people all the time and it is hard to have a race plan.”

Smith had an inconsistent season last year with injuries and inexperience costing him dear after he achieved his first pole positions and led races on several occasions - the Aprilia rider eventually finishing sixth overall.

Mamola continued his analysis of the young man he manages, saying, “One of the things about experience which will play well on his side now is that he has got a year of knowledge about running towards the front with those guys and he has learned a lot. Another thing is we have seen how fast his team-mate Julián Simón is and that is good because they are both with Aspar.”

“Bradley is very much looking forward to it this season,” Mamola added. “He is really grateful for what Polaris World did for him. He has been training so hard and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone work so much as Bradley does. He knows exactly what he wants and he wants to win!”

Turning his attention to his own son Dakota Mamola, who this season rides in the Campeonato Mediteraneo de Velocidad (Mediterranean Championship), the proud father commented, “It has really been over the last two years that he has taken things a lot more seriously. He has trained hard. For the last month Bradley (Smith) has been here in Barcelona and Dakota has had the opportunity to ride with him two or three times a week. In his first race with Emilio Alzamora’s team he finished fifth yesterday, having qualified tenth.”

On his general expectations for his son’s career, Mamola stated philosophically, “Right now it is about having fun. If you can have fun right up to when you are 30 years-old like Valentino Rossi you will have yourself a good career. It’s those rough points in between which dictate whether you can keep it going!”

125cc, 2009

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