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Lorenzo adds fun to training in day of karting

Lorenzo adds fun to training in day of karting

Fiat Yamaha rider takes to Barcelona karting track for fun twist to training.

MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo’s training programme has undertaken some changes ahead of the 2009 season, with an emphasis on enjoyment put into place. This was never more evident than at the Barcelona karting track where last Thursday he competed in a friendly series of laps against some of his close friends.

The Spaniard was beaten to victory by rider Ricardo Cardus, although he clocked the fastest lap of the circuit over the course of the afternoon. Also zipping around in pursuit of victory were his crew chief Ramon Forcada, and personal trainer Marcos Hirsch.

Besides giving an exclusive interview to –published last week- after the informal race, Lorenzo also reviewed his recent training methods and change in approach to his career.

“The basic idea now is to have fun and give my mind, reflexes and technical skills a simultaneous workout. The more I do, the more concentrated I will be, and in turn I will be more complete in my riding,” he said.

“MotoGP riders don’t have the opportunity to train with our tools every day like footballers do, so we have to try other disciplines that are similar.

“I do more activities than last year. Whereas before I concentrated more on gym work, this year I’m doing dirt track and playing football, training pilates and Thai boxing.

“Playing sports with your friends is ideal for getting out adrenaline and having fun,” concluded Lorenzo.

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