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Tissot presents 2009 MotoGP Collection

Tissot presents 2009 MotoGP Collection

Tissot presented the official watches for this year’s FIM MotoGP World Championship to Dorna Sports, at the Baselworld event in Switzerland on Tuesday.

Less than two weeks before the first race of the season, the official presentation of their 2009 MotoGP range at the Tissot stand at Baselworld signals that the Official Timekeeper of MotoGP is ready for action.

The President of Tissot, François Thiébaud, presented the trio of new timepieces to Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports.

“Tissot’s association with the innovative and fast-moving world of motorcycling reflects the dynamic nature of the company and its products, the precision of its movements, and its desire for ever-increasing performance, making this new series of watches the perfect representation of our partnership with MotoGP”, said Tissot President, Mr. François Thiébaud.

Tissot and Dorna Sports both use state-of-the-art technology to meet the demands of MotoGP, the pinnacle of motorbike racing, and are looking forward to meeting the challenges of the new season together.

2009 marks the ninth year of Tissot’s partnership as the Official Timekeeper of MotoGP. With technology developing ever faster and the motorbikes getting faster all the time the technological challenges for the Official Timekeeper are more numerous than ever before. Its innovative approach to timekeeping and watchmaking makes Tissot the perfect partner to ensure the most accurate times and results for the top tier of two-wheeled motorsport, as this special collection demonstrates.

Tissot has created three special watches for the 2009 season. There are two special editions, one limited to 9,002 pieces, as well as a limited Tissot T-Race MotoGP Automatic Chronograph Valjoux. All of the timepieces reflect the precision and dynamism of MotoGP, interpreted through fine Swiss watch making and high-tech design. Underlining the official character of the series, each of the timepieces bears the official MotoGP logo, while the limited edition and Valjoux interpretations are kitted out with a special helmet presentation box to enhance the experience for MotoGP fans the world over. The public handover in Basel also underlines the importance of sports timekeeping for Tissot, currently the Official Timekeeper of a number of high profile, international sporting championships.

In the limited edition Tissot T-Race MotoGP Automatic Chronograph Valjoux, retro meets high-tech, with inspirations from Tissot’s motorsport heritage from the 1960s finding interpretation in contemporary materials and design details. Nostalgic touches come from the use of a font found on the dashboard counters of racing cars of the day and a classic leather strap. The 2,009 wearers can literally watch time pass by through the see-through case back, offering a prime position for viewing the mechanical Valjoux movement in action. In MotoGP every split second counts and the branded helmet presentation box for this watch integrates a convenient automatic winding system.

The Tissot 2009 T-Race MotoGP Limited Edition watch promises to keep riders and fans on track with its sleek black looks comprising carbon, stainless steel and rubber. Dynamically contrasting with the black materials are provocative touches of yellow, the colour that gives timely warning of danger in the language of the race rack. On all 9,002 pieces of the Tissot 2009 T-Race MotoGP Limited Edition, a yellow seconds hand signals that every second counts, a truth confirmed by yellow numbers at five-second intervals on the turning bezel with a symbolic chequered flag replacing the 60-second mark. Each watch comes in its own helmet presentation box containing interchangeable medallions which double as case backs. And since this is the world of precision engineering, a special tool comes with the helmet to ensure that water resistance is assured after each medallion change.

The predominantly black and silver design of the Tissot 2009 T-Race MotoGP continually reminds the wearer of the atmosphere of the race circuit. Its case and bezel are inspired by the appearance of high-performance bikes’ brake-discs and a miniature carbon brake element keeps the crown securely in place. A textured rubber strap adopts the appearance and texture of the tread of the MotoGP bike tires and is fixed by high-tech metal attachments. This watch pays a fitting tribute to the ninth season where Tissot gears up to bring perfect precision to its demanding role of Official Timekeeper for a championship followed passionately by millions.

In addition to this new series of watches, Tissot will once again present the Pole Position Award throughout the MotoGP season to the rider placed on pole after qualifying for the 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP classes for each of the 17 races over the course of the MotoGP season.

Press Release courtesy of Tissot

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