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Rules and restrictions: How the single-tyre regulation will work in 2009

Rules and restrictions: How the single-tyre regulation will work in 2009

Details of MotoGP´s new single-tyre rule, as announced by the FIM in December.

The introduction of a single-tyre rule for MotoGP brings with it the need for measures to ensure parity and easy enforcement, and new regulations for the system were announced at the end of last year. The document in full can be seen at the FIM Official website, but below are some of the key details of the system´s implementation.

Twenty slick tyres will be provided for each rider on a race weekend, covering practice sessions, the warmup and race itself. Four of each `A´ and `B´ set of front rubber, plus 6 `A´ and `B´ rears, will be allotted to each racer. Four wet tyres will be also available.

Bridgestone will be in charge of the production of the tyres used at each Grand Prix, but their allocation to each of the MotoGP riders will be down to Technical Director Mike Webb and his staff. They will hand out the rubber on a random basis uninfluenced by Bridgestone, teams and riders.

The allocation process will take place the day before the start of practice (Thursday in the vast majority of cases) and cannot be changed after 5pm. Any replacement rider brought in after that time –a la Chaz Davies for the 2007 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix- will only be permitted to use the tyres of his predecessor.

Identical tyres –the specification of which will be decided solely by Bridgestone- will be given individual markings that will be presented to the Technical Director prior to practice.

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