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Pedrosa supports Honda safety activities

Pedrosa supports Honda safety activities

Dani Pedrosa will be displaying a Honda safety logo on the fairing of his RC212V for this weekend’s Gran Premio de España.

As one of the safety activities conducted by Montesa Honda, S.A , a Honda subsidiary in Spain responsible for production and sales of motorcycles, Dani Pedrosa this weekend displays a Honda safety logo on his MotoGP machine in Jerez.

The new logo designed by Montesa Honda S.A graphically shows Honda’s ongoing commitment to safety. The logo is a drawing of three hands symbolising the three general areas of Honda’s Safety Activities: Preventive Safety (Traffic Safety education which enhance rider skills), Active Safety (Accident avoidance devices Optimizing Safety Performance) and Passive Safety (Reduction of the consequences of accidents).

The three hands cradle and protect two riders. The different sizes of the riders symbolise a father and son, representing the current and future generation of motorcyclists.

Pedrosa has cooperated with Montesa Honda S.A in various Honda Safety campaigns, including TV campaigns for the launch of Honda’s exclusive Riding Trainer, which was originally developed with the purpose of creating one effective way to teach riders the art of safe riding.

Honda’s involvement in Safety is one of the pillars on which the company has been built. As long ago as 1970, Honda created the Traffic Safety Promotion Division in Japan to promote a better understanding of road safety and to highlight the social responsibility that comes with the use of motorcycles and cars.

Honda is committed to providing the opportunity for road users to gain an enhanced understanding of road safety and to improve the safety skills and awareness of motorcycle riders and car drivers all over the world. This is an important area in which Honda will continue to expand into in the future.

Honda Safety campaign on

Press release courtesy of Montesa Honda

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