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Bridgestone e-reporter diary: Day 1 at Le Mans

Bridgestone e-reporter diary: Day 1 at Le Mans

Bridgestone e-reporter Simona Vogel shares her impressions after the first day of action at the French Grand Prix.

When people think about the life in MotoGP, what they mostly think about is the glamour and the success and the fans cheering you on at the track. But first you have to get there. Literally.

All MotoGP races involve a good amount of travel, which usually shouldn’t be much of a problem. Except when your car breaks down. Which is exactly what happened to us on our way from Paris to Le Mans yesterday.

A good hour of driving through stop-and-go traffic with a soon smoking car was followed by another three hours of sitting in a parking lot, waiting for someone to pick the car up. That’s your glamour right there.

But as soon as the track action starts on Friday, all this is forgotten. I have been in a MotoGP paddock once before, but coming here is an amazing experience every time. Just recognising the riders, team members and officials already has a Wow-Effect on its own, but being able to work here and have an extended look behind the scenes is beyond awesome. In addition to that everyone is treating me like “one of their own” which makes it really easy to talk to people and get a feel for what is involved in making this big motorsport circus happen.

It’s a great atmosphere in the paddock – professional but still fun – and everyone has a very busy schedule. In fact, I have not seen one bike on the track today while chasing after people to interview. And if the schedule is hectic for me it must be even moreso for experienced journalists like Julian Ryder, but he still took the time to have a chat with me about motorsport journalism and I’m tremendously grateful for that.

So, this day has been fun. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

By Simona Vogel

Simona is one of the 11 finalists, chosen by an international panel of judges, given the opportunity to attend a MotoGP or GP2 Series race weekend thanks to the Bridgestone e-reporter contest.

Bridgestone e-reporter aims to help talented young writers to develop their skills, whilst also providing students with the chance of a lifetime as they become part of the Bridgestone team at a MotoGP or GP2 race event. The overall winner of this year's e-reporter competition, chosen for their ability to represent the Bridgestone brand and demonstrate their journalistic skills, will be awarded with a laptop, plus further work experience with a reputable publication.


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