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Aspar returns fire in Talmacsi saga

Aspar returns fire in Talmacsi saga

Jorge Martinez comments on Gabor Talmacsi's decision to leave the Balatonring Team.

Returning fire after allegations made by his perhaps former 250cc rider Gabor Talmacsi on Thursday, Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ put forward his side of the Balatonring Team saga on Friday afternoon. The Spaniard invited the press at the Grand Prix de France to hear him out in a press conference held in the team garage, where he responded to the reasons given by Talmacsi for his non-attendance at Le Mans.

Whether it be an act of brinksmanship, demonstration or conviction, Talmacsi’s decision to part ways with the team is seen by Aspar as a big mistake in his career. Claims of the non-fulfillment of previous agreements and a lack of quality material were made by the Hungarian’s management team but, whatever the reality may be, Talmacsi is still perhaps parting ways with one of the most successful lower cylinder category structures of recent years.

“Everyone in their professional life can do what they feel is right. Gabor is a great rider, as shown by his results, but I think that he has made a big mistake and it is a huge pity not to have him at this race,” said Aspar, who was quick to point out that he felt that his relationship with the rider had always been good, and that he put the disagreement down to the personal interests of Talmacsi’s management. Aspar will fly to Budapest following this weekend’s race at Le Mans in order to hold crunch talks with the former 125cc World Champion, but says that the onus is firmly on the 28 year-old to accept the olive branch.

“Let’s hope that we can come to some agreement to bring Gabor back into the team. I am going to try, as I would love to continue with him. I can offer him all the technical support, team and parts, but it has to be him who makes the decision to carry on with us.

“Evidentally Gabor cannot join a new team. We have his rights for this year, and we are going to continue with the Balatonring Team project.”

Talmacsi has been replaced by Spanish supersport rider Angel Rodriguez for the Grand Prix de France.


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