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Bridgestone e-reporter diary: Day 2 at Le Mans

Bridgestone e-reporter diary: Day 2 at Le Mans

Bridgestone e-reporter Simona Vogel reflects on her experience of qualifying practice at Le Mans.

A good night’s sleep is a wonderful thing, but I found that there’s not much of that during a GP weekend. You leave the track after sunset, you work on some of your articles at the hotel, think of new ideas, maybe finish an interview transcript, try to catch up with all the news of the day and prepare for the next one. By the time you go to bed you can practically hear the alarm clock ringing again. But knowing I’m about to start another day of work in the MotoGP paddock made getting up a whole lot easier.

We ended yesterday with a walk around the track as the sun set. I’d always wanted to do a lap around a circuit and it is a perfect way to settle down from a busy day while taking a look at the crucial corners and soaking up the atmosphere. Some teams were still working in their boxes which meant I was able to see some bikes after all.

While yesterday was all about getting some words from the stars, today I was suddenly supposed to be the star. I had a photoshoot for Bridgestone and a camera team from Dorna followed my every move during an interview with Niccolo Canepa. I’m not too comfortable with being in the spotlight, but fortunately Niccolo is a really nice guy and easy to talk to so I almost forgot that the camera was there. However, I still prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it and was glad when it was over.

After a visit to the Tech 3 Yamaha garage and the pole position press conference I’m already at the end of my second day in Le Mans. Time flies, but there’s still tomorrow to enjoy.

By Simona Vogel

Simona is one of the 11 finalists, chosen by an international panel of judges, given the opportunity to attend a MotoGP or GP2 Series race weekend thanks to the Bridgestone e-reporter contest.

Bridgestone e-reporter aims to help talented young writers to develop their skills, whilst also providing students with the chance of a lifetime as they become part of the Bridgestone team at a MotoGP or GP2 race event. The overall winner of this year's e-reporter competition, chosen for their ability to represent the Bridgestone brand and demonstrate their journalistic skills, will be awarded with a laptop, plus further work experience with a reputable publication.


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