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MotoGP front slick tyre choices increased

MotoGP front slick tyre choices increased

Grand Prix Commission announces regulation amendment as of June 24th, 2009.

MotoGP riders will have added choice for their front slick tyre allocation from the end of next month, the FIM has announced. Although the total number of front slick tyres permitted for a race weekend will remain unchanged at eight, three different distribution options will be made available. They are as follows:

3 of specification “A” + 5 of specification “B”, or:

4 of specification “A” + 4 of specification “B”, or:

5 of specification “A” + 3 of specification “B”.

From the FIM:

“During the preceding Grand Prix (or the official test organised by Dorna/IRTA, in the case of the first Grand Prix), the tyre supplier will inform the teams of the two front tyre specifications that will be available for the next Grand Prix. Teams must inform the tyre supplier of the number of each front slick specification required no later than 2 hours after the finish of the MotoGP race of this preceding Grand Prix (or 2 hours after the end of the final session of the official test, in the case of the first Grand Prix). This allocation request will be final and no changes are permitted after this time.”

The timing of the change in regulation means that the first available opportunity for teams to choose between the three options will come at the Gran Premi Cinzano de Catalunya, when the decision will be made on the front slicks to run at the following weekend’s Alice TT Assen.

MotoGP, 2009

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