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Bridgestone e-reporter diary: Day 1 at Catalunya

Bridgestone e-reporter diary: Day 1 at Catalunya

Bridgestone e-reporter Renaud Lacroix reflects on his first day at the Circuit de Catalunya.

I’ve always been scared of motorbikes, that’s a fact. Two wheels will never be stable enough and I didn’t need my five years of mechanical engineering studies to understand that. I have never ridden one and I probably never will. I once fell in love with a fantastic girl who owned a “tiny” 500cc bike – according to her. An impossible romance…

So what’s a four-wheeler fan doing here in Barcelona for a MotoGP event? I may be afraid of riding motorbikes but I’ve always felt safe watching others do it, especially from my couch at home. I’ve been following the sport on TV ever since Michael Doohan was making history every week.

Now I’m closer than ever before to these unstable monsters. I’m no stranger to racetracks as I grew up close to Paul Ricard. It’s not even my first time at the Circuito de Catalunya as I was here for the Le Mans Series a month ago. But for a bike race, never.

And as a journalist, never. I have always been a fan so what is that “working” stuff they keep telling me about? Getting up early, queuing for hours to grab a “press pass”, trying to find out which language to use to ask your way to the parking lot – turn left, turn right, two laps round the track in less than ten minutes, over the roundabout and back tomorrow morning because the accreditation office is closed. I had never pictured journalism as such a difficult job.

But it would be unfair not to talk about the nice hotel, the great dinner, the mighty “press pass” that grants access to exclusive areas like the media centre, paddock and press briefings. So for bike racing’s sake I’m going to write some articles, including this diary, without any complaint.

By Renaud Lacroix

Renaud is one of the 11 finalists, chosen by an international panel of judges, given the opportunity to attend a MotoGP or GP2 Series race weekend thanks to the Bridgestone e-reporter contest.

Bridgestone e-reporter aims to help talented young writers to develop their skills, whilst also providing students with the chance of a lifetime as they become part of the Bridgestone team at a MotoGP or GP2 race event. The overall winner of this year's e-reporter competition, chosen for their ability to represent the Bridgestone brand and demonstrate their journalistic skills, will be awarded with a laptop, plus further work experience with a reputable publication.


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