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Rolfo continues to show Moto2 potential

Rolfo continues to show Moto2 potential

Roberto Rolfo has confirmed his stay in the Spanish championship in the Moto2 with the Laglisse team.

Roberto Rolfo will ride until the end of the 2009 season in the CEV Buckler 2009, thanks to his performance with the Laglisse team in Valencia last weekend.

“I am very happy, because I had a lot of fun. I feel like I did in MotoGP, so it feels like a return home. I liked the way the team worked, because they are very professional and have done a good job with the Moto2. We are developing a completely new bike, and I am going to have the opportunity to try it out for the rest of the championship.”

The Laglisse team ran Rolfo in a test at the Valencia track before the race, but it was only in the practice sessions for the race that the former MotoGP/250cc rider had another chance to ride the bike. He took seventh in the Extreme/Moto2 class and was the second highest placing Moto2 rider.

“We undoubtedly need a more powerful engine, but at the moment the main thing is the chassis, because when it is tuned it has a good base. With the practice sessions and the race the bike has progressed and we have a good pace. We haven’t done fast laps, but stability is needed for this,” says the Italian.

Rolfo will be on double testing duty thanks to his secondary role as Dunlop tyre tester. The manufacturer will be sole supplier for the Moto2 class from its inception. “I am sure that we will have the tyres ready by the end of the season, as they are already going well with the Extreme bikes and we only have to finalise a few details,” says Rolfo.

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