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Bridgestone rise to Phillip Island test

Bridgestone rise to Phillip Island test

Bridgestone has acknowledged the challenge of Phillip Island by making two specifically developed rear tyres available for the coming weekend.

MotoGP’s sole tyre provider Bridgestone has selected two new rear tyre specifications for use at Phillip Island this weekend, as the World Championship heads to Australia.

Widely regarded as one of the most demanding circuits on the MotoGP calendar and recognised as the fastest, Phillip Island has only one real heavy braking point on its undulating terrain.

With such a stress being placed on riders and their machines, and with tyres taking the brunt of the harsh treatment, Bridgestone has brought in two all-new spec rear tyres which have been redesigned especially for the event.

Improved durability at a higher operating temperature is a key feature of the new design, and the variants of the hard and extra hard compound slicks used in Germany earlier this season will be used exclusively at Phillip Island.

“The main technical change for this Grand Prix is the introduction of two new specifications of rear tyre we have developed,” said Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyre Development Department Manager, Tohru Ubukata.

“These two new specifications were evaluated in the two-day post-event test after the Catalunya GP, but it was after the Sachsenring race that the decision was made to use them in Australia. Phillip Island is even more severe in terms of tyre temperature.”

“We have used our previous race-winning experience of Phillip Island and carefully analysed the performance of our tyres at Sachsenring and decided to utilise these new specifications. In fact, we decided this before the start of the season as we know how demanding Phillip Island is on tyres, especially rear tyres.”

Casey Stoner secured Bridgestone’s first Phillip Island win in 2007 on his way to the World title and since the manufacturer’s first MotoGP triumph in 2004 with Makoto Tamada in Rio they have racked up just short of a half-century of premier-class victories.

“We will celebrate the 50th win on Bridgestone tyres in Australia, so the Grand Prix will mark an important occasion in Bridgestone Corporation’s motorsport heritage,” said Bridgestone Motorsport Department Manager, Hiroshi Yamada. “We are nearing the end of the season yet the fight is still on for the World Championship title, so I am looking forward to an exciting race to mark this milestone for us.”


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