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GPE: An ambitious project for Moto2

GPE: An ambitious project for Moto2

The Spanish company will expand its presence in the CEV Buckler 2010 by supplying motorcycles and spare parts to various teams, and in 2011 could move into the World Championship.

GPE participated in this year’s CEV Buckler (Spanish National Championship) under the team name AJR La Selva, and has now announced its plans to provide motorcycles and related parts to teams competing in the Spanish Championship in 2010. Those responsible at GPE say they have received firm orders from teams and that they plan to develop their presence in the new Moto2 category as well.

“At the moment there are two bikes that we run in the CEV Buckler; the factory bike of Daniel Arcas and that of Pablo Barrios. Additionally, we have seven firm orders and if all goes well they will be delivered by the end of this year, or early next,” explained Pepe Pardo, Organisation and Development Director at GPE.

“Our main objective is to make motorcycles for our customers, develop our bike in the CEV and have a motorcycle at the top level. With our manufacturing capacity we could have 15 to 20 units in the CEV by 2010. It is a reasonable target and we hope to reach that amount. We believe the most important thing is that the bike functions very well and we’ve already demonstrated this. We also do it at a very competitive cost and use all our experience; these are our strengths.”

Looking further ahead, the aim for GPE incorporates a move onto the World Championship stage as well.

“Our immediate project is making bikes for CEV, but it would be of great benefit to compete in the World Championship,” said Pardo. “Our idea is to become established in the Spanish Championship, demonstrate the potential of the bike and build a solid base for sponsors so we can seek to participate in the Moto2 category in 2011 with a serious team and the possibility of success.”

250cc, 2009

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