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Carmelo Ezpeleta visits Inmotec

Carmelo Ezpeleta visits Inmotec

The CEO of Dorna Sports sees first hand the details of the development of the GPI 10 bike, which is due to debut at the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya on July 4th.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of MotoGP rights holders Dorna Sports, visited the headquarters of Inmotec in Pamplona on Monday to view the progress being made by the Spanish company on their GPI 10 machine.

Mr. Ezpeleta, who is attending a Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Congress in Pamplona on Tuesday, viewed at first hand the progress of the development of the Inmotec GPI 10 machine which is set to participate in a selection of MotoGP World Championship races this year. Upon its debut at the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya on July 4th it will become the first Spanish bike to run in the MotoGP World Championship, with Catalán rider Iván Silva on board.

Inmotec, led by Óscar Gorría, has maintained its development programme throughout the winter. In early February the team worked on new aerodynamic solutions in a wind tunnel, and combined with the tests completed at circuits Inmotec is now assembling its second MotoGP bike with different evolutions.

Those behind the ambitious project believe the presence of the GPI 10 prototype in the World Championship will be the best assessment of its strengths and possibilities, although results obtained from tests so far have been evaluated as outstanding.

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