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Espargaró to look to Kallio for Rookie of the Year tips

Espargaró to look to Kallio for Rookie of the Year tips

The Pramac Racing rider explains his targets for his first full season in the premier class of MotoGP.

You are a very young rider and we can define you as being the ‘new energy’ of MotoGP. Do you think that it's important for a MotoGP team (with the latest technology) to help take care of the environment?

“I think it's very important that the Pramac Racing Team is dedicated to this new initiative in becoming the Green Energy Team. Usually the motorsport world is associated with consuming large amounts of energy and having a low consideration for the environment around us. The Pramac Racing Team wants to try and change this philosophy by implementing some measures which may reduce the impact we have on the environment. This will give us an edge.”

You are Spanish and sun, sea and wind are characteristics often associated with your country – these are also defined as the ‘renewable energies’. Do you see a part of yourself in the spirit of The Green Energy Team?

“In Spain we are lucky to have many natural sources from which we can produce energy, we have sun for almost the whole of the year. There are always more and more people who buy technology to generate energy from renewable sources in order to become self-sufficient, and many others are adopting a lifestyle that has a low environmental impact, such as the purchase of recycled and environmentally friendly products. I am very happy to be part of a team that embraces the green philosophy, and to associate energy savings with a MotoGP team is a great initiative. I also really like the green livery!”

In your normal life, when you're at home, how you contribute to the protection of the environment?

“When I'm at home I always try to not consume electricity in excess, I do not leave the lights on or use hot water when is not necessary. With my family I make sure we separate the rubbish into different boxes. The team initiative has made me think a lot about alternative energy and I am considering installing solar panels at my house too.”

Speaking about you on the track, what do you expect from your first season in the top class of motorcycling, MotoGP?

“I expect to show my value in MotoGP. I gained a bit of experience last year during the four races in which I collected 16 points. During the last test in Qatar I gained more feeling with the GP10 sat, and I am very satisfied with the work we did in the pit box as I was able to obtain tenth place, a good starting point for my first season in MotoGP.”

What is your target? How do you view the battle with your team-mate Mika Kallio?

“The aim is to repay the huge amount of trust that the team has placed in me this year, by confirming me after the four GPs that I raced in last season. I would like be able to be inside the top ten riders. Mika is a great team-mate – this is his second year in MotoGP, but he has already gained a great amount of experience. I will try to take some advice from him. I would love to emulate his first year in MotoGP, which ended with him winning the Rookie of the Year title.”

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