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MotoGP logistics in place for transfer to Jerez

MotoGP logistics in place for transfer to Jerez

After the postponement of the Grand Prix of Japan, MotoGP organiser Dorna Sports has planned and prepared the return transportation to Europe of all the cargo required for the next round at Jerez which takes place next week.

The three Boeing 747 aeroplanes used to transport the 270 tonnes of materials necessary for every round on the MotoGP calendar have been fully prepared to return to Europe from Japan, to ensure that everything arrives at the Jerez circuit in time for the second race of the 2010 season.

More than 100 prototype motorcycles that participate in the World Championship, along with the rest of the materials used by teams and the organisation, were moved from the scene of the opening GP of the year in Qatar to Japan last week. After the postponement of the Grand Prix of Japan the cargo must now return to Europe for the next date on the calendar, the Gran Premio bwin de España which is scheduled to take place at Jerez de la Frontera on May 2nd.

As a prevision for the possibility that the air travel restrictions put in place due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland are prolonged in the coming days, those responsible for operations within Dorna have established a logistical operation which includes plans for two alternative routes of the transportation of the cargo.

The three freight airliners will make their journey in stages starting on Sunday. The first two planes, from specialist company Nippon Cargo Airlines, will leave Narita International Airport (near Tokyo) and pass through Helsinki in Finland before arriving at Seville airport on the mornings of Monday April 26th and Tuesday 27th respectively. In case of any difficulties with the scheduled route, the two planes could use an American route, whereby they would pass through Anchorage (Alaska) and New York, before arriving in Seville at the aforementioned times.

The third Boeing 747, from American company Atlas, will also leave Narita but will take a Siberian route, stopping off in Karaganda (Kazakhstan) and is scheduled to arrive in Seville on the afternoon of Tuesday 27th.

The materials transported to every round of the World Championship amasses to 270 tonnes of cargo, packed into 600 cases that carry the bikes and team materials (180 tonnes), the Dorna equipment needed for TV broadcasting (50 tonnes), advertising materials (23 tonnes), timing equipment (seven tonnes), and the official BMW cars and motorbikes of the World Championship (5.5 tonnes).


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