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Bridgestone bring improved rear compound to Jerez

Bridgestone bring improved rear compound to Jerez

The official tyre supplier to MotoGP will offer riders at the Gran Premio bwin de España a rear slick that has a wider temperature operating range.

The second round of the 2010 World Championship presents official MotoGP tyre supplier with a different challenge, and it is one the Japanese company is well prepared for as the first European race of the season beckons at Jerez this weekend.

Bridgestone will provide the same choice of slick tyres for this year’s Gran Premio bwin de España as were on offer last year at Jerez; medium and hard compound fronts, and soft and medium rears. There will be one difference however, and that will be the rubber compound of the rear slicks which has been improved to offer a wider temperature operating range.

Bridgestone Tyre Development Manager, Tohru Ubukata, explained the modification. He said: “This year we will supply rear slick tyres that each feature an updated compound with a wider temperature operating range, providing better warm up performance in cold conditions and better consistency in hot conditions. The riders gave positive feedback when the improved medium compound was used in Qatar so hopefully the wider operating range is better for riders and we will see another exciting race in Jerez.”

Discussing the challenges that the circuit will offer in round two, Ubukata continued: “Jerez is a good test circuit because of the diversity of the corner layout and this means that we require a tyre with a very balanced character to provide good handling from low speed to high speed and from flat corners through changes in elevation.”

“The layout doesn’t generate particularly high loads for the tyre’s centre section, and the left and right shoulders are used equally so asymmetric rear slicks are not required here. The circuit is fairly abrasive and the track temperature during the race weekend is historically high which adds to the challenge of durability and wear but Jerez is not the most severe from a tyre point of view,” he concluded.


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