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Ezpeleta: “The key to success is passion and understanding what works”

Ezpeleta: “The key to success is passion and understanding what works”

In a conference held at the prestigious IESE business school in Barcelona, the CEO of Dorna Sports reviewed the development of the company and the MotoGP World Championship since Dorna took control in 1992.

Carmelo Ezpeleta outlined the key points that have marked the management by Dorna Sports of the MotoGP World Championship since 1992, when the company took control of the commercial rights of the competition.

“Since we took charge of the Championship there have been 281 Grands Prix. An essential element for sustaining the success has been the passion and understanding of what works. Only then can things develop and innovate as we are doing,” said Mr Ezpeleta.

In this sense Mr Ezpeleta noted that: “The FIM is the proprietor of the rights, and above all the history. In all decisions we go hand in hand and the changes are always made by consensus. Our commitment with the FIM is to organise the races and make sure there is maximum coverage on television. For this we have applied an integral management of the commercial rights. Perhaps we could have more revenue by negotiating every right individually, but we think it’s much better like this.”

With regards to the organisation of the races, Mr Ezpeleta emphasised the two aspects of security and implementation on a worldwide level. In respect to the first point he explained that every Friday at a Grand Prix the Security Commission convenes, with the participation of riders.

“Since the Commission began, its contributions have led to circuits investing €75 million in the improvement of security,” he said, before commenting on the introduction of the World Championship in more markets. “The problem is that there are some areas of the world in which we cannot race because there are not approved circuits. In any case, now and in the coming years there will be 18 races that count.”

The coverage of the World Championship also maintained a strong rise, and in 2009 a total of 207 countries broadcast races live, producing 5,257 hours of television. There were also 2.3 million spectators at circuits and the official website registered more than 47 million visits.

A further point highlighted by the CEO of Dorna on the management of the MotoGP World Championship was the attention to: “Maintaining fluid contact in the Paddock, which allows us to detect problems and where possible step up and work together when looking for solutions. The riders and teams are the foundation of the Championship and we must listen to them and support them. When we started the amount of awards that the four categories received was $350,000. Now we give out more than €50 million, including awards and direct support to some teams,” concluded Ezpeleta.


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