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Suspension run through from De Puniet and crew chief

Suspension run through from De Puniet and crew chief

The LCR Honda rider and his crew chief, Christophe Bourguignon, discuss the importance of the role of suspension to rider and bike.

It is a technical aspect that teams and riders spend a great deal of time on, and suspension plays a crucial role in the performance of a MotoGP bike and the feeling that a rider has with his prototype.

LCR Honda MotoGP Team rider Randy de Puniet and his crew chief Christophe Bourguignon took the time to talk through the purpose of suspension, with Bourguignon beginning by giving an explanation of how it functions.

“Suspensions are the elements linking the non-floating parts of the bike,” he started. “On a bike the non-floating parts are the braking system, the wheel at the front and back and also the swingarm and suspension rods on the back. The role of the suspensions is to link those non-floating parts to the engine and the chassis.”

He continued: “Suspensions allow the bike to absorb all the track irregularities and also to keep control of the mass transfer on braking and acceleration, while also optimising the bike handling and the tyre performance.”

De Puniet then gave a rider’s insight into how he prefers his suspension to be set-up on his RC212V machine.

“For me, all aspects of the suspensions are important, but maybe braking is more crucial: the bike stability is vital as the front of the bike shouldn’t dive in too much when applying the brakes and the rear must be soft enough to absorb the bumps,” he said. “For braking I prefer the bike to be stable, with the rear not sliding too much and not jumping out too much. Some riders might prefer a stiffer bike, it depends on the riding style, but I prefer it stable, turning in easily when releasing the brakes.”

De Puniet added: “Suspensions should also ensure a good connection with the track at the rear: the rear wheel should absorb bumps as well as possible to get as much traction as possible.”

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