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Inmotec entering final stages of the development of its MotoGP prototype

Inmotec entering final stages of the development of its MotoGP prototype

The Spanish engineering firm took another step in the evolution of its prototype in a day of testing at Jerez, and is closer to making a decision on the date of its official debut.

Inmotec took two GPI10 prototypes to Jerez where rider Iván Silva continued to help with the development of the machine. The programme of work at the Andalusian circuit included the testing of two engines with different configurations – evolutions of the first version – as well as a new chassis and swingarm.

The Inmotec technicians were able to gather lots of useful information vital to the phase of development that the GPI10 is at, and the comments of rider Silva were extremely positive.

“It’s very easy to ride, with an engine that’s strong and very smooth,” said Silva. “I’ve been lucky to have ridden the Ducati MotoGP bike, so I have a basis for comparison and I can confirm that the base of the Inmotec is very good. Obviously when you have more power and test new materials new problems arise and have to be solved, but the feelings are very good.”

After the session Managing Director of Inmotec, Oscar Gorria, said: “Days like this show that this is a complex technical project, on a day on which we have encountered a great number of new things. We’ll think about it logically, it’s a consequence of such a technical environment and the amount of material we have had to test. The important things is that we know what we have to change, what the solutions are and what direction to take. Now we’ll keep working and prepare for the following tests.”

Speaking about the possible date of the debut of the Inmotec in a MotoGP World Championship race, Gorria preferred to remain cautious and did not confirm the initial provisional date of the Gran Premio de Catalunya on July 4th.

“The weather has forced us to suspend some important tests, so we prefer to keep working and testing every 15 days. When we are technically ready to achieve our primary objective, which is to finish a race and in a good time, we will go out on track. But we will not rush this in any case,” he concluded.

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