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Valentino Rossi Gyroscopic OnBoard

Valentino Rossi Gyroscopic OnBoard

Join the reigning World Champion for the first two laps of the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix, where his Fiat Yamaha M1 had the Gyroscopic OnBoard camera with a rear and front view!

Experience the unique view that the Gyroscopic OnBoard camera now offers, and see the first two laps at Laguna Seca from Valentino Rossi’s M1 machine. Equipped with both front and rear cameras, this video allows you to gain a comprehensive idea of the extreme lean angles achieved by the MotoGP riders.

Starting from the second row with Rossi see how the battle with those surrounding him unfolded early on, and of course go through the famous Corkscrew with the 31 year-old as well!

MotoGP, 2010, RED BULL U.S. GRAND PRIX, Valentino Rossi, Fiat Yamaha Team

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