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Kevin Erion planning Indy surprise with Hayden on board

Kevin Erion planning Indy surprise with Hayden on board

The man involved in preparing the American Honda Moto2 wildcard entry for the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix has explained the project and its aims to in a video interview.

Fresh from his appearance as a substitute entry at Laguna Seca in the premier class last weekend, Roger Lee Hayden is now focusing on his Moto2 wildcard ride at Indianapolis in just under five weeks.

The man involved in the technical side of the American Honda venture is Kevin Erion, whose Erion Racing team are providing the crew for the Indy weekend. caught up with him at the presentation of the project which took place at Laguna Seca and he explained how things have been progressing.

“We have done two tests so far and we have two more scheduled, the tests we’ve done have been excellent, but the race isn’t over yet. Roger enjoys the way the bike feels and his lap times have always been getting better, and we feel he will only continue to get better. Our team has a lot of 600cc experience and we are very excited about this,” explained Erion in the attached video.

“We’ll be ready, we’ve been ready so far, all the partners involved are as well. From Moriwaki supplying us with all the parts we need, to American Honda giving me everything I need to get my job done, and Kevin (Schwantz) obviously helping get the wildcard entry, the design work and with Roger Hayden. It’s never easy but we have the biggest hurdle out of the way, and that is getting the bike on the track and making sure Roger is comfortable.”

The targets for the weekend are high as well, as Erion continued to explain: “I believe we do have all the tools to be successful and win the race. Realistically speaking the guys racing in that class and currently winning races are going to be very tough competitors, we are not looking at this as any easy race at all – it is the World Championship! I think we can be extremely competitive and I think we will surprise a lot of people with how well we will do there.”

You can watch the full interview in the attached video!


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