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Motorland Aragón joins in Fundación Repsol’s tree planting project

Motorland Aragón joins in Fundación Repsol’s tree planting project

The third Spanish Grand Prix in the MotoGP World Championship was the scene for planting more trees, a project on which Fundación Repsol and Dorna Sports collaborate.

At the venue where the Gran Premio A-Style de Aragón will be held this weekend, the tree planting project carried out by Fundación Repsol – in Spain and Haiti – took another step forward. In collaboration with Dorna Sports, the World Championship’s visit to the Aragón circuit will allow 1,000 trees to be planted in the surrounding area, as done at the Jerez circuit and at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Next to the long straight that accesses the last turn of Motorland Aragón, a row of pine trees is being planted, on this occasion, in collaboration with members of Dorna. Like the Repsol riders did in Jerez and Spanish Journalists in Catalonia, the employees of the Spanish organiser of the World Championship wanted to take part in this unique initiative, helping to plant the first trees at the Aragón circuit.

This project, which will be repeated at the last Grand Prix of the season – the Comunitat Valenciana Grand Prix –, aims to plant 1,000 trees at the circuit and surrounding area and over the weekend, it will give fans the chance to plant their own tree at home using a kit containing everything they need. This project is being carried out in collaboration with WCAFI (World Clean Air Forest Initiative), endorsed by the UN Environment Programme.

For each kit, through a donation, a twin tree will be planted in Haiti and the amount collected will be donated in full to the agroforestry development project in this county, in collaboration with Solidaridad Internacional.

This social initiative to help develop and restore the environment is supported by everyone involved in the World Championship (riders, technicians, commissioners, press, etc.), who along with volunteers and specialists, will take part in planting the trees, which started at the Jerez Circuit.

The goal of the programme is to plant 29,000 trees of different species, such as poplar and ash, in Spain and the same number in Haiti with local species. In total, 58,000 trees will be planted. Fundación Repsol's commitment to helping rebuild Haiti will make planting trees a basic part of restoring the country: to provide fruit, agricultural produce, building materials and sustainable fuel for the local villages.

This rural development project in the communal section of Pichon, Belle Anse, in southeast Haiti, aims to improve living conditions. The different project actions include cultivating allotments, restoring agricultural routes and training to respond to natural disasters. Planting is due to start in this country throughout 2010 and 2011.


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