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Inside Moto2 with Eskil Suter

Inside Moto2 with Eskil Suter

The Swiss chassis manufacturer discusses the provision and development of his frames to the teams that are using the Suter bike in the debut season of the new intermediate category in a video interview.

At this weekend’s Grand Prix of Japan there will be 12 Suter bikes rolling out for the opening practice session as the Swiss manufacturer’s successful foray in the inaugural season of the Moto2 class continues.

In the attached video interview Eskil Suter explains the processes behind providing each team with one of his bikes, the parts that each bike is supplied with, and how they have been developed throughout the season.

“We offered all the teams the same package at the beginning of the season and then during the season we started to develop the swingarm, a new chassis and new aerodynamics,” explains Suter. “The electronic part of it, the sensor connectors for the data recording, this is all included in the complete pack so the team actually just needs to install the engine – the bike is really complete from A to B.”

You can watch the entire interview in the attached video in which Suter discusses the various modifications teams make to their individual set-ups, as well as the differences between riders’ personal preferences.


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