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GQ: Rossi – “Lorenzo and Stoner hate me, but that’s okay”

In an interview with the Italian edition of monthly magazine GQ, Valentino Rossi has said that his rivals Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner “hate” him but that such animosity is “normal”.

“When you’re injured and are losing blood, those who are younger feel stronger and more able to devour you,” said Rossi. “It’s like a jungle, but I like it, it’s fine like that. They say: ‘Ah! Valentino! He’s been my hero since I was a kid’. But that’s not the truth, it’s all lies. I’m an obstacle, a rival, as Biaggi was for me. Let them say what they want, it only gives me pleasure.”

Rossi also added: “When two people are fighting for the same goal it’s normal they dislike one another.”


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