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Nico Terol to venture to Patagonia

Nico Terol to venture to Patagonia

The Bancaja Aspar rider will set off on an expedition with adventurer Jesús Calleja on Thursday morning.

Nico Terol will undertake a huge adventure over the next fortnight as he treks across Patagonia, alongside adventurer Jesús Calleja. The pair will tackle the Southern Patagonia Ice Field crossing it from south to north until they reach the Cerro Gorra Blanco, a crest of ice and snow almost 3,000 metres in height which is situated on the border between Chile and Argentina.

The Bancaja Aspar rider will experience extreme temperatures and winds over the coming fortnight, as he encounters glaciers and one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the Circo de los Altares.

Nico Terol:

“I’m really excited to start this adventure with Jesús Calleja. I love challenges and I know I’ll experience cold conditions, and to be lost in the middle of Patagonia will help to recharge my batteries ready for 2011. I’m sure that Jesús has a small surprise prepared for me because he’s an adventurer, but I’ll try to keep up. I’ve always loved mountains and while I’ve never done anything as extreme as this I think it will be great for me. I really want to take on the glaciers and see how I respond to such extreme temperatures. I’m sure there will moments where I wish I’d stayed at home, but it’s going to be a fantastic experience.”

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