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Corrado Cecchinelli appointed MotoGP Director of Technology

Corrado Cecchinelli appointed MotoGP Director of Technology

The former Ducati Director will oversee and be responsible for all technical aspects relating to the MotoGP World Championship.

Corrado Cecchinelli has been appointed as the Director of Technology for the MotoGP World Championship, and will oversee and be responsible for all technical aspects relating to the three World Championship categories; 125cc, Moto2 and MotoGP.

The experienced Italian told “I’ve always been in the motorcycling world, since I started working. I graduated from the Turin Polytechnic as a mechanical engineer, specialising in automobile mechanics. I joined Piaggio and worked there for two years, after which I joined Ducati.”

“With Ducati I was always involved in competitions, participating in superbikes from 1997 to 2002, then being Technical Director for the MotoGP team from 2003 to 2005, and since 2006 I was Vice Director General for Ducati Corse, a role I held until December 31st 2010.”

Talking about his decision to accept his new role, Cecchinelli explained: “Dorna considered it important to appoint somebody in an independent technical capacity and they felt I could fill this role thanks to my experience, but it also came about through a mutual respect and a relationship that has been established for a long time.”

“In Ducati my job, more or less, was to work on regulations with the other manufacturers in the MSMA. I think this operation can be successful because it can be built on a network of knowledge that has been formed with different roles, but which also maintains a personal level. I know the structure of Dorna, until recently from the outside, I know those within the MSMA and the International Federation, and without doubt this has great value because things are based on trust and a mutual respect.”

An important function of Cecchinelli’s role will be to develop the new regulations for the Moto3 class, and also the 1000cc engine limit for the MotoGP category, both of which come into effect in 2012. He will also play a key role in providing a technical link between manufacturers and suppliers and the organisations involved in the governing of the World Championship, which include Dorna, the FIM, the MSMA and IRTA.

“Specifically, I will be charged with all technical aspects relating to the technological side of MotoGP, across all three categories. That involves technical regulations, and in that capacity also the relations between manufacturers and the representative organisations – that is to say the MSMA. We hope to be able to attend to issues of a technical nature, for example matters relating to the environment and security of the circuits.”

Speaking about 2011, Cecchinelli concluded: “We are looking at the definition of the details for the potential entries for Moto3, and that involves technical regulations. In particular we are receiving applications from different ECU manufacturers, which will continue until February 28th. When that date arrives we will try and finalise the matter as soon as possible.”

“With regards to the MotoGP class for 2012 both the fundamental technical and philosophical details are defined, so at the moment we are paying more attention to the new category. The details that remain to be defined for the MotoGP class are unlikely to delay the work of the new arrivals to the category, something that could happen in the case of Moto3.”

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