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Aspar Team presents its 2011 structure

Aspar Team presents its 2011 structure

The Spanish outfit will again have teams across all three categories in the World Championship in 2011.

The Casa Encendida cultural centre in Madrid was the host venue for the Aspar Team’s official 2011 presentation on Tuesday evening, where the six riders who will represent the Spanish set-up across the three World Championship categories this year were present alongside their bikes.

Team boss Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’ and riders Héctor Barberá (MotoGP), Julián Simón and Xavi Forés (Moto2), and with a return to a three-rider 125cc format in Nico Terol, Héctor Faubel and Adrián Martín, were all in attendance for the event in the Spanish capital.

Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’: “I’m very proud that for the second year running the Aspar Team will have a structure that sees us compete in all three World Championship categories. It’s an exceptional challenge and involves a team who are working fantastically. We are constantly working to take this project forward. Seeing as the team is working so well, and in both the 125cc and Moto2 categories, the aim is clearly to go for both titles. In MotoGP we now have a year’s experience, and I hope we can finish regularly in the top ten, even in the top five in some races. This year we are also running a completely Spanish team, practically all Valencian, and it’s an honour for me to be able to work with Spanish riders with such great potential.”

Héctor Barberá: “After riding the finalised version of the bike I’ll ride this season, the only thing I’m thinking about is going to Qatar and starting to race. We still have two days of Testing left from which I hope to take the maximum, in order to be ready for the first race. The team’s working around the clock to do this, and at the moment things are going well for us.”

Julián Simón: “Last year was a great one for us, but this season can be even better. The team has done everything it can, in order to attract sponsors and we greatly appreciate the support they are giving us. The design of the bikes, which is similar to last year, is also spectacular.”

Xavi Forés: “I’m delighted to be here with the team and sponsors, sharing a great moment. This is my first year in the team and it’s great to meet all the new people I’ll be working with throughout the season. I’m certain it’ll be a positive year. I hope this will be the first of many years together with the Aspar Team.”

Nico Terol: “I’m more than ready for the start of the season as are the team. I’m approaching this year with great anticipation and strength, and I want to express my thanks to everyone who is supporting us. They are working day and night, and without them none of this would be possible.”

Héctor Faubel: “This is a big team, not just in terms of its six riders and vast operation, but for its history too. It’s like a family and I hope to be able to offer the team, Jorge and all the sponsors a great year.”

Adrián Martín: “I’m extremely grateful to Jorge for this opportunity to be part of his team. It’s a huge challenge for me and I’m already learning, and having all this support motivates me a lot. I’m really motivated to start the season now, and I know I can do well. I’m riding alongside two vice-World Champions and this is a huge privilege.”

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