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SoloMoto: Pedrosa insists his bike is almost identical to 2010’s

In a lengthy interview published by SoloMoto, Dani Pedrosa has spoken about the perceived technical superiority of his Honda. The Spaniard said that his bike is almost identical to the one he rode last season. “My bike has not changed much. We’ve tried a new chassis, we’ve improved the electronics a fair bit. There are some electronic settings that help us when we ease off the gas and accelerate in turns, but it’s not a different bike in respect to the one we had last year. It could be for Stoner, because he was with another manufacturer, and it could be for Dovizioso because he rode with a different chassis. But for me it’s just like it was at the end of 2010.”

Pedrosa says he is still having problems and thinks they will be extremely difficult to improve: “The bike continues to move on corner entry, for me and also for Dovizioso and Stoner. All three of us, when braking heavily, note that the bike moves a lot. For example, Jorge has a very good feel with this part of his bike, and at the moment it is in this area that our weakness is being highlighted. We have to address it and improve it. It won’t be easy. In addition to what’s happened in Japan, the engineers are already working on the bike for next year.”

MotoGP, 2011

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