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Successful operation for Simón

Successful operation for Simón

Julián Simón is recovering in the Hospital USP San José in Madrid after surgery on his right leg.

Mapfre Aspar Moto2 rider Julián Simón had an operation on Tuesday after sustaining a fractured tibia and fibula in the right leg, the result of a crash during the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya on Sunday.

The surgery was performed under an epidural anaesthetic and lasted for three hours, and involved the reconstruction of the various fragments of the tibia. The reconstruction was a complex and time consuming process due to the damage caused to the bone, and was carried out by Doctors Ángel Villamor, Rafael Durá and Agustín Garabito.

Despite the complicated nature of the procedure it was completed successfully, with two plates and multiple screws placed in the tibia and fibula. Plasma was then filtered into the affected zones to aid the recovery of the bones, and after an hour of observation following the surgery Simón was then transferred to a private room in the hospital.

Later on Tuesday Simón started an advanced programme of physiotherapy to commence the recovery process.


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