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Successful operation for Axel Pons

Successful operation for Axel Pons

The Pons HP 40 rider has undergone a successful operation to repair a tear in the extensor tendon on the index finger of his left hand. The procedure was performed by Dr. Xavier Mir, Chief of Surgery and Microsurgery of the Hand at the Instituto Universitario USP Dexeus.

On Monday, the rider underwent an MRI at the USP Dexeus Hospital to determine the extent of the injury, where tests revealed he suffered a tendon separation of more than 3 centimeters on which Dr. Xavier Mir performed micro surgery.

On Monday, August 22, Axel Pons will undergo a review of the surgical site and is expected to be unable to participate in any sports activity for 4 to 6 weeks.

Axel Pons:
“The operation went very well. I want to thank the willingness and great work of Dr. Xavier Mir, who has treated me superbly again. It's a shame to miss Indianapolis and possibly Misano as well, as the doctor told me I might have to. I hope to be fully recovered by Aragón to get back to how I was going before the incident in Mugello. I've done very poorly in both races following the injury in Italy. I've been in a lot of pain and didn’t ever feel good. It feels bad to miss these two races and I have to say sorry to our sponsors, my teammates and my fans.”

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