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Ducati Team with extra work to do

Ducati Team with extra work to do

The Ducati Team will try to take advantage of an extended Saturday morning practice session ahead of qualifying after the second practice session of the Gran Premio de Aragón was called off due to power outages.

Valentino Rossi will continue with the updated front frame he tested in the morning session, using the extended Saturday morning session - taking place from 9:35 to 10:50 - to set up his GP11.1 with the new part. The Italian was eighth in the first practice of the weekend, while team mate Nicky Hayden finished the day in seventh. The American lost some time in the morning session, but despite the set back, is optimistic that he can continue working in the promising direction that he and his team found with his setup.

Nicky Hayden:
“We had a little problem at the start of this morning’s session, and I had to come directly back to the garage and lost a bit of time. I started well behind the others, but actually, compared to the last few races, it wasn’t bad once we got going. I think I was the only guy who used the same rear tyre the whole session, and I was able to click off three 51s there at the end. I was looking forward to riding this afternoon, but unfortunately it was cancelled. I hope they get it sorted out overnight, as it wasn’t good for anybody, but there’s no need to dwell on it. Hopefully we can keep it rolling tomorrow, because it’s a nice track. It’s definitely a little bit bumpier than last year, and not really grippy, but I like the layout.”

Valentino Rossi:
“I don’t think it’s ever happened before that we couldn’t do a session because the electricity was out! Joking aside, it’s really a shame. For us it was important to test normally instead of just having a long session tomorrow, because you still lose a quarter of an hour in total, and the type of work that you can do is different, more limited. Anyway, we’ll continue with the bike with the updated front frame because the feeling is the same as when I tried it the first time, so it’s worthwhile to continue down this path. We don’t know this track as well as Mugello, and that means we have extra setup work to do, although it’s nothing too major. We must also find more rear grip because it was sliding a lot today.”

Ducati Team press release

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