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Valentino Rossi’s Mugello helmet design explained

Valentino Rossi’s Mugello helmet design explained

In line with his usual Mugello tradition, Ducati Team’s Valentino Rossi once again unveiled a special design helmet for his home race, this time sporting famous Italian singer and cult personality Gianni Morandi.

The helmet features an image of Morandi surrounded by flowers and the phrase "Restiamo Uniti". Here is the reasoning behind the latest incarnation of the Rossi helmet line:

Gianni Morandi is an Italian singer, actor and television host. He is considered one of the cornerstones of light Italian music, with 49 million records sold worldwide. And the phrase, "Restiamo Uniti" (let’s stick together), is a "motto" that was made famous by Morandi, when directing his staff on the stage at the Sanremo Festival.

The Sanremo Festival is a music event that takes place every year in Sanremo, Italy, on the Mediterranean coast. The first edition was held in 1951, and it is currently one of Italy’s major media events, broadcast live on television (with an average of 12 million viewers) and radio.

The flowers are a characteristic feature of the Sanremo Festival. Sanremo is known as the City of Flowers, as its mild climate is ideal for flower production, which began there in the late 800s. In the early 900s, it began producing flowers in large quantities during the winter months, exporting them mainly to countries in Northern Europe.

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