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Mugello test day concludes three busy weeks for Ducati Team

Mugello test day concludes three busy weeks for Ducati Team

The post-race MotoGP test that concluded three intense weeks of racing and testing was blessed with a beautiful, sunny day that was warm but breezy.

Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden worked together with their respective teams and the Ducati engineers on a number of updates to the chassis, in an effort to balance the weight distribution; to the engine, to improve rideability; and to the electronics. Rossi suffered a fall at the Correntaio that was due to a small problem with the ECU. Although he suffered no physical harm, the decision was made to finish his test early, before 4:00 p.m.

Nicky Hayden - 4th

"We didn’t really have anything major to try today, but it was important in the sense that it’s the last time we’ll test before my two home races. We tried some things with the settings, and Öhlins had a couple of ideas that we tested. We lost a pretty significant amount of time after Valentino had his problem because the guys wanted to check everything on my bike to make sure it was okay. At this level, as we get closer to the front, it gets harder to make big improvements, but we leave here encouraged."

Valentino Rossi - 10th

"They had some things to try today, but it was mainly with an eye toward the future, as the substantial changes they’re working on at Ducati for the engine’s power delivery weren’t ready yet. So this was an intermediate step, an interim engine management system through a new ECU. We started testing it this morning, and the first feelings were good, as I immediately did a good time with a used tyre. However, when I started again after the break, the bike stalled at the Correntaio and I fell. Fortunately, I was leaned over quite far at that point so I just tipped over, and nothing bad happened. In the end, it wasn’t a particularly productive day, although the first impression with this change was pretty good."

Press release courtesy of Ducati Team.

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