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Capirossi thrilled with day of testing in Brno

Capirossi thrilled with day of testing in Brno

MotoGP™ Safety Officer Loris Capirossi, a long-time former MotoGP™ rider, was back out on track once again on Monday’s test at Brno, to get a feel for the current day machines and tyres.

A big part of Capirossi’s job is to liaise with all riders in the MotoGP™ paddock with regards to all aspects surrounding safety, be it related to the bike, track, tyres, etc. For this reason, the Italian took to the track on San Carlo Honda Gresini’s RC213V prototype, its FTR-Honda CRT effort, the Suter-BMW of the NGM Mobile Forward Racing squad and Avintia Blusens’ BQR-FTR.

During his testing he was pleased with the performance levels of all the CRTs, and felt that the potential is certainly there. His biggest praise was however reserved for Bridgestone, for drastically improving the warm-up performance of their tyres – one of the big problems highlighted last year.

Loris Capirossi

"First of all I want to say thank you very much to all that gave me the great opportunity to test the bikes. It was like an amazing day with a lot of toys. I started to test the MotoGP bike from Honda, the Gresini bike. And it’s really amazing, because I had never tested a Honda four-stroke, and after one year of not riding and not training it was really amazing. I also tested the BQR bike, the Forward racing bike, as well as Gresini’s CRT. And I’d say for sure, the technology from MotoGP is a really high level, but also the CRT bikes are great - nice to ride. I get a lot of enjoyment from CRT."

"I also want to say thank you to Bridgestone. They did a really great job during the winter, because last year we worked a lot to try to solve the problem we had in the season. And this year’s tyres are much better for warm-up. For sure this is good for all riders."

"[Doing] this is really important, because we are working really hard on the safety, and Carmelo [Ezpeleta] pushed me a lot to test the CRTs to understand their level. And I said it’s good. We have to continue working in that way. We have to understand the rules for new development in the future. It’s been a great day for me. I didn’t test the Yamaha MotoGP bike, but Yamaha promised me another opportunity to test, and I hope this isn’t the last time I get to test."

MotoGP, 2012

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