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Sánchez on Viñales: "He made a youthful mistake in Sepang"

Sánchez on Viñales: "He made a youthful mistake in Sepang"

Rider advisor Paco Sánchez, brought in as a mediator between Maverick Viñales and the Blusens Avintia team, has spoken out about the recent situation with the young rider, stating that he is doing what he can to find the correct resolution for the future.

Sánchez said: “A seventeen-year-old, who was ill-advised or misguided, who wants to be World Champion can make bad decisions. In Malaysia, with all the problems there were, on that day, mentally, for reasons I will not mention, it would not have been right to get on the bike. He could not get on the bike. The error was not that he didn’t get on the bike - the mistake was leaving.

“The intention is to stick with the team. That would be the first priority. But if it cannot be due to internal differences, we must find amicable solutions. For now, I am not his representative, but my goal is to help, be mediator, and help resolve this situation that almost saw him leave this Championship. He made a youthful mistake in Sepang. If I had been with him or had they asked I would not have let them leave Malaysia.”

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