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Redding: I think this year it’s going to be between Espargaró, Lüthi and myself

Redding: I think this year it’s going to be between Espargaró, Lüthi and myself

Marc VDS Racing Team’s Scott Redding took some time out of his busy pre-season to give his fans an insight into his training and his thoughts on the season ahead. Check out the full interview and video of Redding courtesy of his team.

What made 2012 your best season to date?

My 2012 season went really well and I think it was a number of things really. The chassis was a real big one, also getting to know the team more, everyone working together really well, all the little things came together, which made 2012 my best season yet.

What was the highlight of the 2012 season for you?

I had a couple of highlights in the 2012 season. One was Silverstone with the battle with Márquez. We had also in Phillip Island a good race there. At a number of races we had some good highlights through the whole weekend and this is what made it a good season for me.

Four podiums last year, but that first win has yet to come…

The podium situation with me…I got the first podiums, but just struggling to get that first win. I think the first one’s always the hardest. Going into the 2013 season I want to go as soon as I can to the top step.

Any regrets about missing out on the Ducati MotoGP ride for 2013?

Testing a Ducati in Mugello in 2012 was a good idea to do, so I knew how the bikes were, the power, and everything. Lap times were pretty good, but like I say I missed out a little bit for this year to go on a MotoGP bike, but I think all the things were in line to stay where I am.

How have you been training for the coming season?

The training over the winter this year I feel like I need to be prepared for the first race more than any. So I set off to Spain just before New Year and we’re now in Albaida with the motocross or supermoto. Basically just training with the supermoto, a lot of fitness training, and just getting as much prepared as I can for the first race of the year. I spent eight days in Austria doing some more core training, physical and mental training, just so I can get everything really 100% for the first time I get on the bike, and make sure that nothing from my side can be let down.

What does the new combined weight limit in Moto2 mean for you?

With the weight limit in this year it gives us more of a chance to get to the weight, so the other riders can’t get lighter, which means I have a little bit more of a chance so I can actually loose one or two kilos which actually helps. Also the team’s doing a great job trying to find a few things on the bike and the leathers, so all little things in the end will make a big difference.

What improvements have you asked Kalex to make to the bike?

We spoke with them about chassis to make the bike lighter and stuff, so we’ve got a new swingarm coming that will be a little bit lighter and maybe a chassis, so we’ll see what they bring to the first test for us.

What are your main goals for the 2013 season?

My main goal for 2013 is to really fight for the championship. In Moto2 this is my fourth year, and I feel like I should be at the top of my game now, I just turned 20 the beginning of this month, so this year for me is really critical and I want to make everything go absolutely perfect.

Who do you think will be the main contenders in Moto2 this season?

The Moto2 championship is very high level for me really, and I think this year it’s going to be between Pol Espargaró, Tom Lüthi, myself, and maybe a couple of the newcomers, but I think the main battle’s going to be between me and Espargaró and Lüthi for the whole season.

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