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Teams and riders discuss Moto2™ 215kg combined weight

Teams and riders discuss Moto2™ 215kg combined weight

With the first two Moto2™ tests of 2013 completed and the season start just one more test away, caught up with the Marc VDS Racing Team and the Pons Tuenti HP 40 outfit to discuss the issues and advantages around the new combined 215kg rider and bike minimum weight limit.

Both teams face a varying challenge with riders that will have to have weight added to the bike to make the limit, whilst both also have heavier riders that could potentially benefit from the rule. Mika Kallio’s crew chief Naoya Kaneko summed up the difference between the two: “A kind of advantage for a heavy rider is that they have a bigger body and they can move the weight around the machine to change the centre of gravity to the right position – under braking to go a bit behind, during cornering to load the front end a bit – so they can change the dynamic weight. For a small rider it is a bit difficult to do that. So there is a good point and a negative point.”

Kallio himself, who has had around 10% of his body weight added to his Kalex, commented: “For me there was not really a big difference compared to last year, but of course in some places, like during braking, you could feel that you are carrying a little bit more weight than compared to last year. But not really a big difference and still we need to playa a little bit where we will put all the weights.”

Santi Mulero, Tuenti HP 40’s Chief Mechanic to Pol Espargaró, believes the change is a good thing, although still thinks that a smaller rider will have an edge:  “Frankly, I see it as a positive change. Why? Because it is a category with equal engines and more or less the same conditions for dissimilar riders, in theory, it puts some at a disadvantage.

“[But does the rule change have] Big advantages? No. Look at some races for example, as there are cases, for instance last year at Silverstone where Scott [Redding], a heavy rider, was battling with Marc [Márquez]. And look who finished ahead?! Scott. There are always special or specific cases. Though normally, from my experience, I see the lighter rider always having the advantage.”

And whilst for Pons riders Tito Rabat and Axel Pons their respective bikes are being adapted to the regulations, Mulero’s rider Espargaró said it should not affect him: “We have 2kg more or less of cameras in the bike, and that maybe is the weight we need to be on the limit. So for us it’s not a problem. We will be the same as last year with the same weight in the motorbike, and maybe for the other riders yes it’s a problem, but for us it’s the same.”

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