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Edwards helpless in avoiding lack of progress

Edwards helpless in avoiding lack of progress

Colin Edwards could make no impression in the first ever Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas, in which he had hoped to put on a strong showing in front of his adoring Texan crowd. Instead, the NGM Mobile Forward Racing rider became the first retirement.

Pulling into the pits just after half distance, the FTR Kawasaki rider lamented having to recall catalogue of issues suffered on Sunday.

“I’m not sure we had the best package to start with this weekend,” he told with a smile. “We had some gearbox drivetrain issues. This morning we developed a chatter, like there was no slipper clutch whatsoever and like nothing was working. So we went back to how we had had the bike yesterday and went out there in the race.

“It’s hard to turn in when the rear wheel is off the ground. You just roll in straight and wait for somebody to turn in in front of you…I just went backwards and backwards and couldn’t do anything about it.”

Despite his disappointment, the 39-year-old and eldest rider in the MotoGP™ field praised Circuit of the Americas and the race organisers for a successful first trip to Austin:

“It’s been awesome. I’ve been really proud of all of my fellow statesmen and the security has been awesome here. I would like to thank everybody for coming – it’s been awesome.”

Teammate Claudio Corti did finish the race, in 19th position.

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