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Capirossi shares his thoughts on Lorenzo-Marquez incident

Capirossi shares his thoughts on Lorenzo-Marquez incident

MotoGP™ Safety Advisor Loris Capirossi shared his thoughts with about the Jerez last corner incident with Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo, following much talk and discussion since arriving at Le Mans.

Following a heated debate in Thursday’s Rider Briefing, spoke with Capirossi after the regular Friday Rider Safety meeting, which was attended by Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso, Hiroshi Aoyama, Cal Crutchlow and Bradley Smith, along with Capirossi, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta and Dorna Managing Director Events Area Javier Alonso.

On the decision not to penalize Marquez after his move, Capirossi commented: “This is really difficult to explain 100 per cent. First of all, every overtake is different – this is why it’s difficult to keep a list and say “in that overtake you have to give one point – that overtake two points”. In the case of Marquez and Jorge it’s easy to say first of all “for sure the move of Marc is a little bit aggressive” – this is easy to understand. But, he did that move on the last corner, and especially that one is quite slow, about 60 to 70km/h. In case that move comes in a really fast corner, for sure everything becomes bigger.

“But all together we watched the images and tried to understand 100 per cent. We decided to say, “ok, it’s a racing moment, a racing overtake”. But not more! For sure for the future we’ll try to understand more, and we’re talking with some riders to understand the idea, and we already have a much clearer idea.

“What we want is for sure a safe race. This is for sure. This is our objective. Especially my objective is to have a great relationship with the riders and to listen to what a rider says and to try to improve everything.”

Emphasising his thoughts on the move he added: “For sure on the last lap when you also have a minimal opportunity you try, and Jorge stayed out of the good line to defend the position, and Marc tried to overtake him. This is the situation. It’s easy to say we don’t want to see more like that, but sometimes it can happen.”

He then went on to comment about the heated discussions that took place between himself and Lorenzo in Thursday’s meeting: “Normally the idea from every person is always different, and in that moment I was personally talking with Marc and personally talking with Jorge for a long time, and I explained everything to him and he explained everything to me. And in that moment everything was under control we said. And we’ll continue to do out job in the best way we can, and we want to see a really safe championship and nice races.”


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