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El Pais: Puig evaluates Marquez-Lorenzo collision

In an extensive interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais, Alberto Puig, former rider and now manager to Dani Pedrosa, has explained that it is difficult for one to judge the much-debated last-corner incident in Jerez between Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo. “It’s very difficult to talk about it from here,” Puig comments. “These things happen as a reflex action, an impulse – a rider decides in only a split second if he is to do things or not. It is very difficult to judge.

“It’s all about the emotions of the rider: automatic decisions and impulses in a precise moment of a race. Even if you’ve been studying what your rival is doing during the event, you might then find yourself half a metre behind and the situation isn’t actually as you predicted it would be. However nobody ever does something if they actually think it will go wrong.”

Puig was giving this interview at Le Mans, scene of the frightening accident of 1995 that ended the Spaniard’s riding career and resulted in him subsequently undergoing surgery on more than 20 occasions in order to treat his shattered leg. Going on to discuss the individual performances of Marquez so far this year, Puig has not been surprised by the 20-year-old:

“Last year I said he would be in the fight and I said that for one simple reason. Marc is a rider with potential. He had the speed, the team, the bike and all of the facilities in the world. Added to that are some very good physical qualities; his body fits the bike very interestingly. He is brave, as well.”


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