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Dorna CEO explains plans for future of MotoGP™

Dorna CEO explains plans for future of MotoGP™

Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta spoke to having met with team managers from the premier class in Catalunya, explaining the provisional plans for the 2014 and 2015 seasons of MotoGP™.

He explained, “Last year we increased the grid from 21 to 24 riders in MotoGP, with three independent teams joining. Then there were additional requests for places from new manufacturers such as Suzuki and from further independent teams.”

“We’ve decided that the only way new manufacturers can enter the championship is by reaching an agreement with an existing team or by buying a place from an existing team. We agreed on reasonable pricing but no-one wants to sell their place in the premier class.”

The Dorna CEO continued, “Therefore, we’ve decided that in order to set-up next year’s grid the current teams will stay in place with their existing benefits, such as prize money, travel allowances and tyres costs and that we will accept up to four new grid entries.”

“In 2015, the first 22 riders will get prize money, then those placed 23rd and 24th will get some benefits and the riders below that in the classification will not get any of the prize money.”

Mr Ezpeleta also spoke about the potential return of Suzuki to MotoGP, saying, “We know that Suzuki have tested at Motegi and they are ready to test in Barcelona and Aragon, but we have yet to receive an official proposal from them.”

Regarding tyre costs for next year, Mr Ezpeleta stated, “At present the agreement with Bridgestone is to supply to 24 riders so new teams would need to assume tyre costs as part of their budgets.”


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