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Bridgestone’s preview to Iveco TT Assen

Bridgestone’s preview to Iveco TT Assen

The legendary Assen TT Circuit provides a mixture of corner types as well as high and low-speed sections. MotoGP™ tyre supplier Bridgestone previews Round 7.

The Assen circuit is not particularly demanding for front tyres so softer rubber compounds are offered in the front slicks to provide better grip and warm-up performance. The rear tyres are put under comparatively more stress and it is the right shoulders of the rear slicks that take the most punishment, especially in the sequence of corners from Mandeveen (Turn 10) to Hoge Heide (Turn 13). As a result, asymmetric rear slicks with harder rubber on the right shoulder are a must.

Following a partial resurfacing of the track in 2006, grip levels vary in different parts of the Assen circuit and so Bridgestone will provide tyres with rubber compounds towards the softer end of its range to ensure maximum rider safety.

Assen has always been harsh on rear tyres due to its high average speed and numerous high-camber corners. However, the introduction of the 1,000cc MotoGP machines and the corresponding increase in power output, performance and bike weight means this circuit is now classified as particularly severe for tyres. As a result, all rear slicks supplied for this race will be in the same heat-resistant construction used at Mugello, though in softer compound options to suit the layout of this circuit. CRT riders will be allocated the soft and medium-soft rear slick options, while the works riders will be able to choose from the medium-soft and medium compound rear slicks.

Bridgestone tyre selections for Round 7:

Front: Extra-soft & Soft.

Rear: Soft [CRTs only], Medium-soft & Medium (All asymmetric)

Wet: Soft (Main), Hard (Alternative)


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